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Our Services


Halal certification is to ensure the product, services & places is halal compliance of Islamic law and are therefore suitable for both Muslim & non-muslim alike accordance to application of Halal practices, Malaysian Standard and Halal processes. Explore the benefit of Halal certificate to enhance your business performance. Contact us, so you will get an advisory service for preparation of premise, storage, transportation, documentation, training & audit.

Halal Internal Audit is an objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve and ensuring organization’s operations compliance with halal standards and requirements. This evaluation helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a halal systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management and control. Contact us now hence your staff will be able to conduct your own Halal Internal Audit.

Gap analysis is an activity of assessing the present halal compliance status against the standard of Halal requirement in Malaysia. A correct gap analysis will provide the best actions to be taken, and more importantly guide the company in using its resources effectively. Contact us now to fill the gap.

Halal Quality Assurance (HQA) is the term used by JAKIM Halal Professional Board to replace Halal Assurance System. It is implemented by halal certified companies to assure the halal implementation is controlled from the earlier stage of raw material supplier selection to distribution of finished product to end users. HQA provides a safety control system by assessing the critical elements; establish the verification of halal product manufacturing process, traceability and recall of halal products. Contact us to get benefits the consistency of Halal Product/services during halal certificate validity.

To ensure that the Products tested is only for validation and verification of the content and shall complies with Muslim-friendly. It can be apply to food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The testing will be handling by ISO17025 accredited service laboratory in Malaysia. The advantage of this testing is to support validating compliance of your products and services to meet halal requirements.


The main goal of this training is to give an exposure and awareness of the importance of providing clean and safe food to all food service providers in the food and services industry. Clean and safe food handling are very important for long term business. Contact us now, we train your staff.

Beside than preparing of lay out and get approval as to obtain the GMP certifications from National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA), we ensure appropriate suitable materials for the construction work to meet GMP requirements eg. Flooring, wall partitions, water system and piping, fabricating manufacturing equipment. We also are providing training, internal audit and consultation services for the development of GMP document system for manufacturing in compliance to operation needs. Want an advice on GMP set up, contact us before late.

It is important aspect to be kept along to ensure suitability of the operation like building, design, location, construction, future adaption and maintenance. The process, personnel and material flows must be integrated with plan layout design simultaneously comply the GMP requirement.  Our vast experience will save a lot of your money.

Distribution is an important activity in the integrated supply-chain of medical device. The existence of GDPMD system is to control and monitor entities responsible for the product sourcing, procurement, transportation, delivery, storage, device tracking, installation, maintenance need to be appropriately managed and controlled to ensure the safety and performance of medical devices at the point of use. Contact us to know about more requirements.

Token is a key to access NPRA room or called Quest3+ product registration & licensing system. Only 1 authorize person per token. Confuse the steps of USB application? Kindly contact us.


We check and propose documents submission with our vast experiences. We give an advice on ingredients, labels and claims which need to comply as required by the Guideline for Control of Cosmetic Products in Malaysia and Drugs Registration Guidance Documents (DRGD). Remember, all registered products (MAL) and notified cosmetics (NOT) are to be manufactured within GMO compliant premises. Contact us for more info.

It is very important to know your product category before start regulate marketing and sale the particular product to protect the interest and health of consumers. Your product should clearly category define to avoid high revenue loss in future. Contact us for free consultation.

A trademark provides you with ownerships. Having trademark gives exclusive identification with legal protection of your logo / word / picture / letter / name which prevent it be copied by any other party legally. File your trademark now to protect your brand; it will be quick & easiest with our help.

Our expertise will assist to register your medical devices and interact with CAB & MDA on your behalf until MDA grants the registration. Need our help? Please contact us.

PIF is compulsory compilation of specific request from NPRA like technical documents, certificate, details information or reports.  We assist cosmetic notification holder by providing the particular documents and submit to NPRA. We help you minimize the headache, so you can focus on your business and make it more profitable.


We can supply professional experiences to guide your business on compliance framework and risk, quality management, material and finish good flows, product development, audit and follow up. This is one of important government regulation business you must know to avoid any high revenue loss. No matter what type of business you run, you must comply with regulations administered by legislative bodies and carried out by regulatory agencies. Disobey to certain regulation give high impact to your business. Get to know now before late.

Our expertise team have specialty is in drafting sales and purchase agreements and  loan documentations for real estate transactions. It has embarked aggressively in providing affordable yearly corporate legal advisory packages to Small and Medium Enterprises especially in drawing shareholders or partnership agreements and legal consultation on a yearly basis. Contact us for provision of legal services in business contract, agreement, conveyancing and litigation

We check, advice and propose labeling (mock-up) for immediate container, outer carton and proposed package insert for NOT cosmetic and MAL product. Beside the ingredients list, we ensure the labels and claims comply as required by the Guideline for Control of Cosmetic Products in Malaysia and Drugs Registration Guidance Documents (DRGD). Check your label with us before sale.

For NOT cosmetic and MAL product, according to the Controls of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulations 1984, any company that want to manufacture, import or wholesale any registered products need to have Manufacturer’s Licence, Import Licence or Wholesale License. While for medical device establishment license should be applied by manufacturer, authorized representative (AR), distributor or distributor. Any inquiries to this license application can contact us.

Legal actions may be taken against any cosmetic products advertisements with medical claims. All type of dissemination of information about products and health services including on the internet are classified as advertisement. All advertisements that have been approved by MAB were given approval number (eg KKLIU 0213/2013). If any pharmaceutical product or health service advertisements were found without approval or not displaying their KKLIU number, members of the public may launch a complaint to the secretariat of MAB. Please consult and seek advice from us before putting that claim in the advertisements. – (pharmaceutical services programme)


We offer gap analysis, training, assessment & certification consultancy on an environmental management system which helps organizations identify, manage, monitor and control their environmental issues in a “holistic” manner. And also helps business to minimize environmental footprint and diminish the risk of pollution incidents. This implementing will save cost, source of energy and waste management. Does your business affect the environment?

Our consultants are responsible for gap analysis, training, assessment & certification consultancy on Quality Management System Certification. The adaptation of quality management will help the business continuously improving business processes and overall performance.  Want to gain benefits of ISO 9001 for your business?

Beside than gap analysis, training, assessment & certification consultancy on HACCP, our consultants will make sure that your business implemented with HACCP 7 principles. This system implementation can reduce customer complaints by minimizing the risk of controlling potential food hazards. How sure your food production still safe to eat?

We assist from ground zero from gap analysis, assessment & certification consultancy on Information Security Management Certification implementation for your business. This systematic approach will manage your organization to protect business assets such as financial information, intellect property, and business information details steal by third parties. How do you improve your business data security?

We provide gap analysis, training, assessment & certification consultancy on Business Continuity Management System Certification. This certification system will guide a company on how best to practice ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ concept for such disordering to business can impact in revenue loss, data breakdown and business engagement. So how should you prepare yourself for the changes ahead?